Get a free Mezuzah for your dorm room! 

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There is a $20 deposit fee which will be refunded when the Mezuzah is returned at the end of the semester/year. You can put it up yurself or Rabbi Yossi/Rochel/a fellow student, will be happy to help you hang it properly with the appropriate blessing. Mezuzahs are available for purchase as well.

What is a Mezuzah?  
A Mezuzah is a parchment scroll that has been handwritten by a professional scribe. It contains two sections of the Torah that discuss the Jewish faith. Every Mezuzah, no matter how simple or elaborate the exterior casing may be, contains the exact same inscription, the Shema Yisrael: "Hear o' Israel, the L-rd Our G‑d, the L-rd is One."

It is traditionally attached to the doorposts of a Jewish home. A 'kosher' Mezuzah can also bring protection and blessing - whether you are home or away